Interview Clips


A few clips from the 30+ hours of interviews recorded.

Skiing Outside The Box


A short snippet of raw footage from my interview with freestyle pioneer and filmmaker, Stanley Larsen. Here, he talks about his inspiration to get into freestyle before it became an organized sport. Like so many I had the privilege to interview, it was films like "Ski The Outer Limits" and "The Performers" that sparked the imagination and generated an energy that would lead to the birth of freestyle in America.

Thanks to Caleb Young for operating the camera and joining me on the shoot. Archival footage used with permission from Dick Barrymore's films.

IMovie Teaser

Just a sneak peek at some of the great archival footage that is wall to wall throughout "Dog Days." This quick edit is from the 1972 pro tour of Exhibition Skiing. The events took place at Waterville Valley, Sun Valley and Vail.


Classic footage courtesy of Jalbert Productions

It Was Like Winning The Lottery


11/02/11-Here's a short clip from my interview with Freestyle Pioneer, Floyd Wilkie, at his home in Campton, NH. One of the top competitor's in the first few years of the Exhibition Competitions that launched organized Freestyle, Floyd reflects on how being at the right place at the right time changed his life. The footage at the end is from an old, beat up print of Dick Barrymore's "Winter Heat." Floyd is tearing up the moguls on Exhibition at Sun Valley (1973).

We Were Putting on a Show

(4/01/11) A short clip from my interview with Bill O'Leary shot during Skiing Heritage Week at Sun Valley Ski Resort. Here, Bill talks about the connection between the crowds and the performers/competitors. Bill joined the professional tour in 1973 and quickly became one of the top competitors. He stood out as an entertainer and excelled in ballet having trained rigorously on the ski dek with Phil Gerard.